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Aircraft Shares & Sales

Whether you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft or aircraft share, we can help. Here at Sherburn Aero Club we can offer you advice and guidance, advertising and pre-buy inspections with Sherburn Engineering Ltd.

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G-WUFF 1/3 Share
G-WUFF 1/3 Share

Aircraft Make & Model:
Europa Tri-Gear

Sherburn, Hangared

No of Shares Available:
1 of 3 in Group Share

£10,000 ONO

Operating Costs:
£100pm / £15ph Dry

- Burns 16L UL91/MOGAS per hour
- 110kt - 115kt cruise speed
-  Rotax 912ULS
- Variable pitch prop and constant speed controller
- Trig Mode S transponder and 8.33 kHz
- Electric flaps and trim
- Recently installed G5
- Group Sky Echo

Contact Bradley Emmonds on Facebook messenger or bradley@stewpott.com

FOR SALE G-ODJG Europa Classic Tri Gear - XS Firewall Forward
FOR SALE G-ODJG Europa Classic Tri Gear - XS Firewall Forward


Sherburn, Hangared



- Fresh permit

- Burns 20L UL91/MOGAS per hour

- 110kt - 120kt cruise speed

- Rotax 912ULS 957+ hours

- Variable pitch prop and constant speed controller

- Trig Mode S transponder and 8.33 kHz

- Electric flaps and trim

Contact Marco on 07383 082407

Cessna R172K Hawk XP – 1/4th share £25,000
Cessna R172K Hawk XP – 1/4th share £25,000

A well established and organised group that often flies together.
- Very good availability.
- Ideal for touring, G-EFBP is powered by a Continental OI 360 – KB 195hp engine with a
McCauley variable pitch propeller which delivers a 120 KIAS of cruising speed at 38.5
- Leather interior with sheep skins.
- Paint with Reims corrosion proof Zinc chromate.
- Hourly rate calculated using airborne time.
- Pilots must have had no accidents in the last 5 years.
- Pilots with complex (VP prop) aircraft experience would be preferred.
- Aircraft:
• Variable Pitch Propeller (74h since overhauled in July 2021)
• Aspen E5 with extra data bar (wind speed & direction, OAT, GS, etc)
• Cessna Navomatic Auto Pilot coupled with E5 for among others GPSS
• Altitude hold
• Garmin 430 WAAS enabled GPS NAV COM
• Garmin 430 enabled GPS NAV COM
• Garmin 330 Mode S transponder
• Dynon D3
• USB Hub
• PilotAware Rosetta
• King Audio Panel
• King KR 87 ADF
• King DME
• EDM 700 fuel flow
• Long range fuel tanks (250 litres/66 USG total)
• 4 seats
• 2 spare headsets for passengers
• Annual maintenance and repairs carried out by Sherburn Engineering
For more information, feel free to contact:
Steve Fawley:
07882 804999

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2004 Cirrus SR22 G2 N590CD 1/5 Share For Sale
2004 Cirrus SR22 G2 N590CD 1/5 Share For Sale

1/5 Share fore sale.


Excellent availability of this long range SEP aircraft based at Sherburn Aero Club on a N-Registration. Friendly well run group with internet booking and a limited company.


All usual avionics + 4 blade prop. Avidyne PFD and MFD with warranties. 2 x Garmin 430 with WAAS. S Tech55 auto pilot linked TCAS, terrain storm scope, de-ice system, CAPS (parachute). 4 headsets 2 Bose A20’s


1/5th Share £50,000, £200 per month standing charge, £65 per hour dry flying charge.


Interested parties must have a minimum of 250 hours PIC & Prefer minimum IR(R).


For further details please contact Stuart on 07879 400129 or email 400stuart@btconnect.com

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A great opportunity to own a share in this well-equipped touring aircraft

You will be joining a friendly group which has a long history at Sherburn Aero Club

Interested parties will require a minimum of 100 hours as PIC

For further information contact Dave Watson on 07483 893561 or djw119@gmail.com

Price £24,000

£50 per hour dry flying charge, online booking with good availability

* Airframe 5906 hours

* Recent new Lycoming IO-360-CIC engine 121 hours

* Hartzell 2 blade variable pitch prop 144 hours

* Garmin GNS 430 (Nav/Com)

* Narco 810 (Com)

* Narco 141 ADF

* Narco 890 DME

* Garmin GTX 330 Transponder

* Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel

* Piper Auto Control III Auto Pilot

* SkyEcho ADS-B

* ICOM IC-A25NE COM/VOR handheld transceiver


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1/5 share in a Robin DR400/160 (G-BAPX) hangered at Sherburn Aero Club
1/5 share in a Robin DR400/160 (G-BAPX) hangered at Sherburn Aero Club

1/5 share in a Robin DR400/160 (G-BAPX) hangered at Sherburn aeroclub

Good group aircraft with online booking, along with a good maintenance pot and engine fund.

Newly upholstered seats are ready to be fitted

Next annual is due September 2023

Holds 190 litres of fuel

Uses about 32 litres an hour

Cruises 110knots

Wings re-covered with new fabric and re-painted, woodwork checked/repaired and in overall excellent condition.

£145 per month fixed cost

£130 an hour WET (tacho) (Rough price due to fuel price fluctuations)

Wing leveller auto pilot

8.33 radios

Garmin gnc255a/GI-160A nav/com

Garmin GNS430W nav/com

Garmin gtx328 mode S transponder (Also have SkyEcho 2 for ADSB in/out)

Garmin gma 340 audio panel


Engine hours are about 1800

Empty weight is roughly 600kgs

MOTW is 1050kgs

Engine fund at about £7200

Maintenance pot nearly always manages to cover annual, insurance, hangarage and other bits that need to be done.




Any queries please email darrenohara@gmail.com or call 07870 124504

G-OMBS Reims Cessna F172N
G-OMBS Reims Cessna F172N


This includes 1/4 share of £7600 new engine/maintenance fund

Lycoming 0-320-2J 160 BHP Engine

Wet hourly (tacho) £100

Airframe - 4,058 hours

Engine - 250 hours approx. 

Propeller McCauley 1C160/DTM7557

Avionics: 1 Bendix/king KT74 transponder mode S, 1 TrigTY91VHF 8.33 COM, 1 Garmin GNC255 NAV/COM, 1 Narco NAV/COM, 3 VOR + Glide slope, 1 ADF, 1 Narco DME.

Very friendly group 

Contact Ken 07831310718

Download Details

G-AYRT 1/6th Share availble in this well maintained Cessna

Cessna F172K

McCauley propeller overhauled 2017

Avionics : Mitchell MX170 with VOR & Glide slope, Trig TY96A, 760ch, Narco NAV 122D with glide slope, Narco DME 890, King ADF.

Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder

Century 2 Single Axis autopilot

Refurbished seating 

50 hour check recently completed 

Excellent availability - online booking

Friendly group that often fly together 

PA28 performance 

Price per share - £7500

Current costs - £135 pm, £90 per tacho hour wet

Very affordable flying 

Contact - Alan Wright