Our Summer operating hours are:

Monday to Sunday - 9am - 7.30pm

Opening hours will be reviewed and may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified to the Members in advance.

Outside these times please email: flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com

Price List

As we are a flying club and a flight training school with our own fleet of aircraft we are able to keep our prices extremely competitive. All prices are inclusive of VAT (where necessary) and subject to change without notice, please contact the flight desk to obtain the latest prices.

Special Offer: Free landing with purchases of 50 litres of fuel (private flights only)

Experience Flights

Piper PA-28 - 30 Minutes £150.00
Piper PA-28 - 60 Minutes £258.00
Cessna C150 - 30 Minutes £122.00
Cessna C150 - 60 Minutes £212.00
Cessna 152 Aerobat - 45 Minutes £174.00
Yorkshire Coast Flight Experience - 90 Minutes £388.00
Dambusters Flight Experience - 75 Minutes £322.00
Yorkshire Dales Flight Experience - 90 Minutes £388.00

Aircraft + Instructor Rate


Flying Membership £222.00
Flying Membership (Under 18) £165.00
Social Membership £30.00
Day Membership £6.00
Temporary Membership (6 months) £122.00

Aircraft Hire

Piper PA-28 Cadet £198.00
Piper PA-28 Warrior £208.00
Cessna C150 £158.00
Cessna C152 Aerobat £168.00

Per hour flown (except block bookings)

Instructor Fees

Standard £44.00
Advanced e.g IR(R), Night, Aerobatics £46.00

Per hour flown

Ground Training

CAA Paper Exam £46.00
Advanced Briefing £46.00
CAA Online Exam £56.00
Standard Briefing £44.00


Skills Test £258.00
Licence Proficiency Test £194.00
FRTOL Radio Course £274.00
FRTOL Radio Practical £194.00

No Show Fee

No Show Fee (Pilot) £30.00
No Show Fee (Student) £60.00
No Show Fee (E exam) £22.00


Landing - Single / Small Heli £12.00
Landing - Multi / Large £22.00
Parking - Single / Small Heli £12.00
Parking - Multi / Large £22.00

Non-commercial landing & per night parking. Commercial prices on request

Contact us

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