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Pilot Medicals

If you decide to start your flight training, it is advisable to have your pilot medical examination performed at an early stage to confirm that you are fit. Legally, you cannot fly solo until you are in possession of a valid medical certificate. 

There is nothing worse than having your instructor deciding that you are ready to go solo and then finding that you have to wait to have your medical and we recommend that you have your medical within the first 5 hours of your training.

The youngest age at which you can have your pilot medical examination is fifteen years and six months – there is no upper age limit. Each examination comprises a medical questionnaire, physical examination and, if necessary according to the schedule, an ECG and/or audiogram. A urine test is always required.

You should allow between forty-five and ninety minutes for the examination. Unless there are any queries, the medical certificate is usually issued at the time of examination.  

Medicals for LAPL

For the Light Aircraft Private Pilots Licence (LAPL) your GP may be able to perform the medical examination and issue a medical certificate. There are a number of factors which may mean your GP cannot perform the initial assessment in which case you must still have your examination performed by an Aeromedical Examiner.

Medicals at Sherburn Aero Club

Sherburn Aero Club has its own approved medical examiner, Dr Mark Bellamy, who is based here at Sherburn. Mark is rated to perform EASA Class 2 and LAPL medical examinations for initial issue and renewals. As well as being our medical examiner Mark also holds a fixed-wing private pilots licence.

Appointments are available every Monday and Tuesday afternoon and early evenings and occasional Saturday mornings in the Medical Surgery inside the main Sherburn Aero Club Flight Centre.

For full details of what to take with you to your medical; information about cost; frequently asked questions relating to the medical examination, or to make an appointment please contact Dr Mark Bellamy by email or telephone 07747 057574.

Email Dr Mark Bellamy

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