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9am - 7pm daily

Opening hours will be reviewed and may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified to the Members in advance.

Outside these times please email: flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com

Pre-Owned Items For Sale

Do you have any books, flight equipment or aircraft supplies that you wish to sell?  Download the form, complete it and email it to bradley.emmonds@sherburnaeroclub.com. There is no charge for club members.


Flight Computer
Flight Computer

Aero Products Research Inc. 1970s flight computer in original folder.

David Waterton-Anderson
01757 269113


Oxford Skills for Flight

Human performance and limitations
Aircraft principles of flight
PPL exam preparation
VFR RT communications
Air law & operational procedures
Flight performance & planning
Navigation & radio aids

Steve Murray


Pooley's PH 2000 Headset (Brand New)
Pooley's PH 2000 Headset (Brand New)

For fixed wing aircraft, the matt black textured ear-cup gives the headset a very distinguished look. The new unit can be used with mono or stereo intercoms and provides the user with hi-fidelity stereo sound while providing the comfort and noise protection required by today's demanding general aviation pilot.

The headset is outfitted with a noise cancelling electret microphone, metal-flex microphone boom and weighs only 431 grams. A dynamic Mic version of this headset is also available at the same price.

All Pooleys Headsets come with a FREE Single Headset Bag.


Mono or stereo capability
Noise cancelling electret mic windscreen
Super cushion headpad (liquid gel filled)
Metal-Flex sliding mic boom
Ratcheting mic boom adjustment
Hand adjustable knurled knobs
Individual ear volume controls
Textured ear cup - available in blue ( EHD303 ) or black ( EHD303B )
Dual volume controls
Triple-plated chrome hardware
Vibration proof circuit board
Nickel-plated PJ-055/J-068 plugs
Wired in parallel for reliability
Two Year unconditional warranty for manufacturing defects
Noise reduction 23db
Weight 431 grams.



Items For Sale from Hilary Dyer
Items For Sale from Hilary Dyer

• The PPL Confuser by Glynn Stephens – as new £10.00
• Pooley’s Flying Training Manual 1 As new £10.00
• Pooley’s Aviation Law & Meteorology Manual 2 : as new £10.00
• PPL 1 Flying Training by Jeremy Pratt £10.00
• PPL 2 Air Law, Operational Procedures & Communications by Jeremy Pratt £10.00

Hilary Dyer
Mobile No : 07763 838114