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Best aero clubs to fly to in Italy

Posted 20 Jul 2022

Best aero clubs to fly to in Italy

Italy is part of the European Union, and while travel to the country is not as easy as it once was before Britain’s exit from the EU, it is still relatively simple.

On the lookout for your next favourite holiday destination that you can fly to as a private pilot? It may be time to mark a trip to Italy off your bucket list! Filled with scenic natural beauty as well as a rich culture and incredible history, Italy is a favourite amongst travellers for good reason! For anyone with a pilot licence and a love for travel, a trip to Italy is a definite must.

Italy is part of the European Union, and while travel to the country is not as easy as it once was before Britain’s exit from the EU, it is still relatively simple. Adding to the convenience of travel of UK pilots to the nation is the fact that there is no visa requirement for a visit of up to 90 days!

Given the relative ease of travel, Italy is a must-visit destination for private pilots. There are several cities that you can fly to from Sherburn Aero Club or any other aero club in the UK. Italy is home to many aero clubs for aviation enthusiasts.

Not only can these clubs serve as convenient places for you to fly your aircraft to, but they are also home to thriving communities of international and local pilots that you can be a part of. You can learn a lot from this diverse community of private pilots about the art of aviation as well as about the ins and outs of being a pilot.

Take full advantage of all these various benefits that aero clubs have to offer and make your next flight to Italy truly unforgettable! If you are struggling to find aero clubs in the country that you can fly to, here’s an in-depth list of some of the top clubs in Italy, as well as the tourist attractions nearby that you can enjoy when you aren't flying!



 If you are someone who enjoys travel, chances are Italy is already rather high up on your list of next holiday destinations, and for good reason! Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, welcoming thousands of travellers every year who fly out to the country to be enchanted by its history, scenery, and food!

For history buffs, few places offer the kind of excitement that Italy does. Home to Rome, which in many ways is one of the most important historical sites in the Western world, the country boasts archaeological marvels such as the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, as well as other ruins of the once mighty Roman Empire.

You’ll have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Roman emperors such as Nero and Julius Caesar. Apart from the historical sites, Italy is home to some breathtaking natural scenery such as the Amalfi Coast, pictures of which you have probably already seen floating around on social media!

Apart from the coast, Italy also has mountains and lakes, offering a little something for people with varying tastes when it comes to nature. The country is home to several cities famous for their cosmopolitan nature such as Milan.

For those who are suckers for romance, a trip to Venice is also a must! The charming city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world!

In addition to that, the country’s cuisine is bound to get all food lovers excited! From delectable cheeses, thin-crust pizzas, pasta of all sorts, and gelato for those craving a little something sweet, Italy is a dream for those who love to explore via dining.



Located in the bustling city of Milan, the Aero Club Milano is the oldest aero club in Italy. The club prides itself on a history of producing well-trained and successful pilots, both of the private and commercial variety. The club operates out of the Milan-Bresso Airport, which helps beginner pilots to start their aviation journey in a busy and professional environment from the get-go.

The club offers courses in Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training, Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training, as well as Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) training. In addition to this, the club also provides sporting facilities to its members such as aerobatics and air rally.

The club’s fleet includes a total of 22 modern, well-built and maintained aircraft, which includes the Cessna C172, Piper PA28, and the Piper PA34. 


Attractions nearby

 While Milan may be famous as the business and industry centre of Italy, the city has its fair share of offerings for tourists who are looking to steep themselves in the culture and history of the region. The massive gothic Milan Cathedral is a must-visit for anyone travelling to the city, construction of which began in the 14th century and was completed during the reign of Napoleon.

Tourists also have the opportunity to view master painter Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper, which is housed in the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.



The Aero Club of Rome dates back to 1904, with the club being one of the most prestigious aviation organisations in Italy. Operating out of Rome’s airport, the club has trained both hobbyists as well as professionals.

The club offers courses in Private Pilot Licences (PPL) for beginner pilots, as well as the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) for those who are looking to go down a more professional path. The club’s fleet of well-maintained and modern aircraft includes the Cessna C152, Cessna C172P, Cessna C172N, Cessna C182, Piper PA28, Tecnam P2006T, and the Partenavia P64B, among others. 


Attractions nearby

Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, with archaeological sites and historic architecture that is well known all across the globe. The city is also home to the centre of the Christian faith, the Vatican.

Apart from this, the ruins of the once mighty Roman Empire continue to enchant visitors, with the Colosseum and Pantheon seeing thousands of visitors every year. St Peter’s Basilica, located in Vatican City, is a must-visit location for both the faithful as well as tourists.

The museum located in the Sistine Chapel houses some of Michelangelo’s most famous works, including the stunning painted ceilings of the building.



 Based at the Venegono Inferiore airport, the Aero Club of Varese is in close proximity to two other airports, including the Malpensa airport and Linate airport. The club is around a fifteen-minute car ride from the city of Varese, making it the perfect location for pilots who want to stay well-connected to other areas in Italy.

The flight school prides itself on its well-trained Certified Flight Instructors who train pilots in the art of flying. The club’s teaching staff is made up of not only CFIs but also engineers and surgeons, helping provide holistic education to aspiring pilots.

Aimed at both hobbyists as well as commercial pilots and those who would eventually like to fly commercial airliners, the club is home to a diverse community of members from different backgrounds, goals, and perspectives.

Attractions nearby

Varese is home to the Palazzo Estine, located in the old town centre, with many dubbing the area “tiny Versailles”. The city is also great for people who love to wander on their feet or take bike rides, thanks to its winding streets and many scenic biking and hiking trails.

The city is home to the oldest alpine pile-dwelling site, the Isolina Virginia, which is also a UNESCO site. There are many guided tours of the city available, which help visitors discover the best Varese has to offer, including heritage sites, scenic views, and delicious food!

The top attractions of the city can be navigated within 48 hours, so you won’t have to worry about having too much ground to cover during a short stay there.



 Flying to Italy from the UK is fairly easy. For those departing from Sherburn Aero Club, which is located in Leeds, to Rome in Italy, the expected duration of a non-stop flight is 2 hours 50 minutes.

The flight time will increase in case of any stops and is also dependent on the pilot’s skill level. An experienced pilot with many years of flying in their logbook may find the flight much easier due to the fact that they are familiar with the route, the operation of the aircraft, as well as the procedures and associated regulations of flying to Europe.

A newer pilot may end up taking more time since they are proceeding with relatively more caution, which may end up slowing them down. Flying the aircraft may not be as simple as second nature to them just yet, which is why they are expected to fly relatively slower.

Apart from this, the type of aircraft being flown may also affect flight duration. Not all aircraft models are made equal, and some may be faster than others owing to better design or multiple engines. Lastly, the weather will also play a key role when it comes to how fast you will reach your destination.

On a clear day, a pilot can be expected to reach their destination on time. However, when the weather is cloudy, resulting in a bumpy flight, the duration may be longer. In the event that there is extreme unexpected weather such as storms, the flight may be grounded altogether and be allowed to take off only when the skies are relatively clear.



In order to fly to Italy, which is a part of the European Union, you will have to upgrade your UK Private Pilot Licence to Part-FCL. Previously, before Brexit, a pilot could fly across Europe on a basic PPL, but this is no longer the case.

In order for a pilot to upgrade their PPL to Part-FCL, they must also acquire an EASA-approved valid medical certificate. The one issued by the CAA UK is not accepted by EASA due to the split between the two regulatory bodies after Britain’s exit from the UK.

However, on the brighter side of things, there is still no visa requirement for UK nationals for a stay of up to 90 days in any EU member state. Longer stays, however, will require visas. Be sure to carry your passport and a valid certificate of airworthiness for your aircraft in order to make sure your arrival in Italy is as smooth as possible and you can breeze through the customs procedure with ease.



 No hobby is complete without a community that you can share it with. Flying is no different, and while it is a great hobby to have, it is not as common as things such as playing football or knitting.

When it comes to finding a community of like-minded aviation enthusiasts, aero clubs play a key role. It is a good idea to be a part of aero clubs at home as well as in international destinations that you plan to travel to. There is a diverse community of pilots in aero clubs, with members ranging from pilots who are just starting off on their aviation journey, all the way to pilots who have decades of flying behind them.

Aero clubs are a great way to take advantage of all these unique perspectives and diverse experiences. Apart from this, aero clubs also make aircraft accessible to those who are yet to purchase their own or those who are looking to fly a model different from the one that they have already purchased.

Aircraft from the club’s fleet is usually available for hire at an hourly rate, with members having the option to rent it out for the duration they need.



 Sherburn Aero Club, which has been operational since 1964, is the ideal place for most of your training and flying needs. It is one of the largest flying clubs in the North of England and also one of the largest in the country.

With a large fleet of new aircraft and an airfield refurbishment with new runways, hangars, and an extended clubhouse, we cater to brand new flyers who have just started their journey to the skies, as well as seasoned flyers who have been operating aircraft for decades.

If you wish to begin your career in aviation or wish to take to the skies as a hobby, Sherburn’s flight training school offers private and commercial licenses, along with pilot medicals to ensure a smooth journey going forward.

You are required to take medical exams to prove you are fit enough to take to the skies when applying for a licence, and the facility at Sherburn allows you to start your aviation journey on the right foot.

Sherburn also offers a dedicated day-long Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) course for those wishing to get the certification, running the first Sunday of every month.

For those who wish to experience the thrill of a flight for fun or to help fuel their aviation dreams, Sherburn offers experience flights for the newbie, as well as the veteran.

The flight experience option is also available for people who wish to take to the skies for special occasions, even if they aren’t into aviation in the long run.

In addition to that, if you are looking for a hangarage for your own aircraft, need servicing or repairs, want to buy a new aircraft or aviation equipment, or are just looking to enjoy and watch the aircraft, Sherburn Aero Club is the place to be.

Call us on 01977 682 674​​​, email us at flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com, or message us via our online contact form for more information on flying to Italy and upgrading your Private Pilot Licence.

Photo by La So on Unsplash 



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