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Best Aero Clubs in West Midlands to fly to From Sherburn

Posted 27 Nov 2023

Aero Clubs in West Midlands

In this guide, we will focus on the basics of aviation, pilot licenses, and a list of all the aero clubs that we think you should visit when travelling to the West Midlands from Sherburn.

With a rich history in aviation and one of the forefront counties in the UK for aerospace engineering, West Midlands is no doubt one of the best places for pilots to expand their skills or meet other pilots.

West Midlands is the proud home for one of the largest aerospace sectors in the UK and Europe and judging by the annual progress being made in this sector, it is clear that this county shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Even if you set aside West Midlands' role in aviation, the county also offers jaw-dropping horizons, beautiful sunsets, and a list of excellent aero clubs that you can visit to meet other like-minded pilots!

In this guide, we will focus on the basics of aviation, pilot licenses, and a list of all the aero clubs that we think you should visit when travelling to the West Midlands from Sherburn.

Why Flight Schools are Important

Flight schools have been around in some form or the other since the early days of aviation. In fact, even before the first successful flight in 1903, there was a small but thriving community of engineers that also doubled as early aviators. These aviators were well-versed in the mechanics of flight and would regularly experiment on aircraft prototypes.

Of course, back then aircraft technology wasn’t as fledged out as it is today. There were countless injuries and even fatalities involved in testing aircraft. The problem was that everyone was working on their own version of an aircraft, but no one had really been able to achieve a sustained flight with a controlled landing.

This is where the Wright brothers made history! Instead of working on their own design, the brothers sought to take inspiration from the best designs available in the aviation community and build a prototype that could be better in every way. This strategy allowed the brothers to get a head start and focus on what was really important: control.

See, most engineers had already figured out how to take an aircraft airborne. However, the problem was controlling the aircraft. These rudimentary aircraft would often have to be crashed in order to bring them down – and as you can imagine, these aircraft were also unmanned, so testing for controls was also out of the question.

This was until the Wright brothers came up with the innovation of the century: the 3-axis control system.

Using this system, along with a flex-wing design and a combustible engine, the brothers were able to not only precisely control the aircraft, but also land it back safely. This innovation changed history and made the brothers one of the first people to successfully build a manned and flight-capable aircraft.

Soon after, engineers around the world started to build their own versions of aircraft based on the Wright brother’s successful design – and within just half a decade, aero clubs had already begun to pop up around the globe.

This was a pivotal moment in aviation because the advent of aero clubs was exactly what the aviation industry needed to catapult its interests.

Aero clubs offer a haven for pilots where they can learn and hone their skills for other applications in aviation such as commercial operations, or even emergency services. These clubs are the bridge between the aviation industry and the public.

Aero clubs have the important role of attracting more and more people to aviation and filling the supply gap of pilots. Pilotage is an ever-growing profession and recent research indicates that the demand for pilots is likely to increase year over year!

Today, there is a thriving community of pilots in almost every corner of the world. Whether it is in developing or developed countries, you will likely find a community of aviation everywhere you go – but what can you expect at a typical aero club?

Read below to learn more!

Services of Aero Clubs

Aero clubs offer a lot of different services for pilots. Here are some of the top ways aero clubs help pilots:

Flight Training and Licensing

The foremost reason for the existence of flight schools is to train pilots. Aero clubs aren’t just a hangout spot for pilots, they are also a professional space where pilots can learn to hone and improve their skills.

Every flight school offers various flight training programmes. The three top programmes are private pilot training, commercial pilot training, and light aircraft pilot training.

Private pilot training is done in order to obtain a Private Pilot License. This is one of the most sought-after licenses for people who only want to approach aviation as a hobby. In other words, by using a Private Pilot License, pilots can get to fly light aircraft with minimal requirements and fees. These pilots are barred from commercial operations but can freely fly light aircraft for fun.

The second and most important type of pilot license is the Commercial Pilot License. This is a more comprehensive pilot license with stricter requirements. These pilots not only have to possess strong piloting skills, but they also must be physically fit in every way to achieve a Class 1 Medical Certificate. In comparison, Private pilots only need a Class 2 medical certificate that doesn’t have the same strict testing criteria.

Finally, aero clubs also offer training for an even more flexible license called the Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL). This license is geared towards people who want even more flexible training hours with minimal requirements. Light Aircraft Pilot License holders have a lot of limitations when it comes to when and what they can fly, but for most people, this type of license is more than enough to get a taste of aviation.

The best part is that the training that you receive for each license at an aero club is transferable to other license types. For example, you can enrol in a Light Aircraft Pilot License program and then decide whether you want to progress to a Private Pilot license or more. Training hours are transferable, so you won’t have to start from scratch every time.

Facilities and Amenities

Aero clubs offer a long list of amenities for members and visitors from other clubs. For example, you can expect to find a common area for pilots to meet, hang out, and exchange ideas. Some aero clubs also offer extended services like a 24/7 café, a conference area, engineering services, medical services, and much more.

These services allow pilots to get everything that they need under one roof instead of going for third-party services. Since aero clubs are accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), they offer official services that are recognised by governing bodies.

You can also expect to find training facilities at aero clubs. For example, most full-fledged aero clubs like Sherburn Aero Club, offer high-tech simulation training. Simulation training is gold for commercial pilot training as pilots can go over various emergency scenarios in a virtual world. Not every flight school offers these services which is why aero clubs like Sherburn Aero Club are rated much higher than other no-frill schools.

A Space for Hobbyist and Air Events

Aero clubs are prized for being a safe space for aviation enthusiasts and hobbyists. These clubs attract like-minded people to form a community that prospers using the facilities available at the club. If you are a private pilot, then we can’t recommend that you become a member of a good aero club. Not only will you be able to meet other pilots, but you will also get access to a fleet of aircraft that you can train on.

Please keep in mind that not every aero club has the same fleet. Some might even offer just one aircraft that may require prior booking. However, in the case of larger clubs, like Sherburn, you can expect to find several types of aircraft that you can fly without a long waiting line.

Aero clubs also offer the opportunity to make lifelong friends. As mentioned above, these flight schools are a hub for like-minded people. So, there is a good chance that you might find and make special bonds with people that will last a lifetime! Furthermore, aero clubs also provide a space for air events. Some top schools, like Sherburn Aero Club, also host their own air events that attract people from around the country!

Air events are an excellent platform for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. These events cover everything from seminars to guest appearances, to aircraft showcasing, and even air races. The best part is that these events usually highlight important community issues and can be targeted toward raising awareness for humanitarian causes.

In this way, aero clubs get to help not only pilots but also the general community! It is truly a one-of-a-kind relationship that is seldom seen in other professions and industries.

Best Aero Clubs in West Midlands to fly to From Sherburn

Here are some of the best aero clubs in West Midlands to fly to from Sherburn Aero Club:

Midland Air Training Ltd

Located in Coventry Airport, Midland Air Training School has everything that you would require for both Private and Commercial Pilot Training. The school is known for its outclass faculty and its friendly staff. We highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a place to meet competent and ambitious pilots.

Midland Air Training prides itself on providing basic and advanced flight training right from Coventry Airport. You can expect Private Pilot Training (JAR/PPL & NPPL), Advanced Pilot Training, Aircraft hiring services, and much more!

Coventry Flying School

Coventry Flying School has only one goal: to make aviation training as easy as possible. This flight school has achieved its dream of becoming one of the premier flight schools in the county. It not only provides bespoke aviation services for pilots, but it is also a safe harbour for people who want to learn how to fly.

Flying can be a daunting task and many people think that they might lack what it takes to fly aircraft. However, with the right faculty and training environment, anyone can excel and even get over their fear of flying! Coventry Flying School regularly sees a huge influx of candidates which is a great sign of its success and its reputation in the market.

Almat Aviation Limited

Almat Aviation is another excellent training facility for private pilots. This flight school focuses on providing a prosperous and thriving environment for its private pilots. You can expect to excel in your flight training and meet like-minded and ambitious pilots (like yourself) at Almat Aviation.

The club has been around for quite some time and since it is based in Coventry Airport, you can expect it to have all the amenities that you might require. Please make sure that you book your arrival in advance since this flight club is known to be busy on different days of the week.

Air Midwest Ltd

Air Midwest Ltd is the only approved fixed-wing training organisation based at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport. Fixed-wing aircraft are the default choice for every pilot who wants to hone their skills – and if you want to improve your Instrument Training or Night Rating, then there is no better place to train than Air Midwest.

Air Midwest is also known for having up to seven flight instructors who are highly capable and experienced. These instructors are trained to provide better training by understanding the needs of every candidate. This way, they can provide much more focused training to people who struggle with various training concepts in aviation.

The club also has a large fleet of diverse aircraft that every member has access to. You can expect to find classics like the Piper Warrior, a Grob 115 Tutor, and even high-performance aircraft like the Piper Arrow for advanced high-speed training!


Sherburn Aero Club, which has been operational since 1964, is the ideal place for most of your training and flying needs. It is one of the largest flying clubs in the North of England and also one of the largest in the country.

If you wish to begin your career in aviation or wish to take to the skies as a hobby, Sherburn’s flight training school offers private and commercial licences, along with pilot medicals to ensure a smooth journey going forward.

For those who wish to experience the thrill of a flight for fun or to help fuel their aviation dreams, Sherburn offers experience flights for the newbie, as well as the veteran in various types of light aircraft.

With a large fleet of new aircraft and an airfield refurbishment with new runways, hangars, and an extended clubhouse, we cater to brand-new flyers who have just started their journey to the skies, as well as seasoned flyers who have been operating aircraft for decades.

The flight experience option is also available for people who wish to take to the skies for special occasions, even if they aren’t into aviation in the long run.

Sherburn offers a dedicated day-long Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) course for those wishing to get the certification, running the first Sunday of every month.

In addition to that, if you are looking for a hangarage for your own aircraft, need servicing or repairs, want to buy a new aircraft or aviation equipment, or are just looking to enjoy and watch the aircraft, Sherburn Aero Club is the place to be.

Call us at 01977 682 674​​​, email us at flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com, or message us via our online contact form for more information on light aircraft, training requirements, fee structure, licencing procedures, as well as experience flights and pilot training at Sherburn.

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