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Message from Simon Cook our new Chairman

Posted 05 Mar 2021

Message from Simon Cook our new Chairman

A Message From Your New Chairman

Dear Members,

I would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to Dr Stuart Chater for the work he has done as our Chairman following the EGM in December. Whilst his tenure has been short, he has overseen an enormous amount of work helping us to guide the club through a very difficult period. His intelligent, honest, and methodical approach in brokering some difficult decisions has been a real pleasure to witness. The Board wish him well as he steps down.

At the last Board meeting, I was delighted to be appointed as Stuart’s successor. It is a real privilege to take on the role of Club Chairman. I would like to thank my fellow directors for their vote of confidence and assure them and you the members that I will do my upmost to ensure the success of our club.

As your new Chairman, I will continue to build on the work that the new Board has done. I will vigorously defend SAC against surrounding developments and any outside influences that could harm our club. I will not waiver in my determination to restore Sherburn’s reputation and standing within the General Aviation flying community. The team around me are talented and highly motivated. We are committed in our mission to support SAC moving forward and to help us grow as a warm, friendly, and supportive flying club. Undoubtedly, there will be difficult times ahead, but I have no doubt that if we all pull together, we will find harmony and that, as a club there is nothing we cannot overcome together.

It is no secret that there have been deep divisions within the club for some time, culminating in the EGM last December. However, that meeting was our chance to hit the refresh button, an opportunity for us all to pull together for the benefit of the club. As Chair I want to facilitate that process and an important feature of this includes talking to each other and sharing ideas. I won’t pretend I have all of the answers, however, my door is open. Talk to me, you might have the answer we are looking for. Equally, if you do not agree with a decision the Board makes, or you have a question or a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any one of the directors.

I promise you that I will respond to all constructive communications in a respectful and positive manner. I will also encourage every director to do the same. Everyone’s opinion is important, and nobody need be fearful in approaching any of the Board members. We want to ensure you can relax around the club and talk about flying and club matters amongst your flying buddies. If you have an opinion, we will respect that and where we can, we will give you a full explanation of the rationale behind our decisions.

Sometimes for legal or contractual reasons we might not be able to provide as much detail as we would like but you can be assured that all decisions will have been arrived at after very careful consideration of all the facts including seeking expert external advice where appropriate and with the best interests of the club in mind. All I ask is that we all behave in an adult and courteous manner, where healthy debate can be had without recourse to personal attacks on social media or fear of retribution.

As a Board we are committed to supporting onsite businesses where this is mutually beneficial, but the interest of the club is our number one priority and will always take precedence.

There has been a lot of disquiet in the last year or so about members being suspended and banned from the club. The Board are aware of the sensitivity surrounding this issue and of the upset it can cause, not only to the suspended member but to the whole membership. Suspending a member is a very serious matter and the membership can be assured that such a drastic measure will only be taken where an extremely serious breach of discipline has been alleged and after very careful consideration of the supporting evidence. If a member is suspended the Board will ensure that the clubs disciplinary process is strictly adhered to.

On a positive note, a change in guidance means we can resume flying on a limited basis. Let us hope the worst is behind us and we can return to full flying activities soon.

I wish you and all your friends and family good health and look forward to the day we can once again meet up at the clubhouse.

Yours sincerely

Simon Cook