We are pleased to announce that from Monday 17th May the club will be open 7 days a week. Opening hours are:

9am - 7pm daily

Opening hours will be reviewed and may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified to the Members in advance.

Outside these times please email: flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com


Posted 18 Apr 2021


Welcome back everyone - What an amazing and successful re-launch of our club.

Dear Members,

It has been so refreshing to witness our club back with the doors open, sun out and so many members and visitors enjoying a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere again. Ironically, we've had so many people in during the week and still very busy over this weekend. Many members have commented that it is such a relaxing and inviting place to be once again. We still want to invite all members who have yet to see the improvements made to the club, so you can see how different it is now. 

Board Meeting 31st March

The Minutes of the Board Meeting held at the Club on 31st March are now available in the Member's Area/Member Downloads section of the SAC website www.sherburnaeroclub.com

In light of recent published changes to the Board of Directors and with the amount of work still to do, we are keen to keep the Board numbers at 12 to share the workload. We have referenced the recent EGM vote to select those next in line and we are pleased to announce the arrival of Mike Newall, Phil Pattinson and Lou Rex to the Board. They each have a great deal to offer to the club and many years of experience at SAC

Café Update

Stuart and Lesley have instrumental in refreshing new look and feel of our Clubhouse. They have brought a superb offering in terms of quality and choice to our club menu which is now renamed 'The Maltings@Digby's'. Due to current COVID restrictions, we are only able to offer a take away service but this is planned to change from 17th May onwards. The cafe team are still finding their feet at the moment, so please bear with them as they adjust their routine to meet the needs of the Club. They have applied for a licence to sell alcoholic drinks but this may take a little longer to arrive but when it does, we will have a fine selection of drinks for you to choose from. It has been a fantastic first week for the cafe and the club and we thank them for all their hard work and effort to get everything finished in time.

Flight Training & Instructors

Many of you will need to revalidate your licence and ratings. Our excellent team of instructors are eagerly awaiting your return and will be more than happy to assist you in getting back in the air safely. Please contact the flight desk who will help you with any bookings you wish to make.

Opening Times

The club will reopen 7 days a week. Due to the current financial situation and the unknown period ahead, we have reduced our operating hours, however we will keep this under constant review and adjust, as necessary. If members wish to operate outside these hours, our ground staff team will be more than happy to accommodate. Let us hope that the weather is kind to us during the summer so we can catch up on our flying and enjoy the events that the social committee are planning for us.

Monday to Wednesday                 9am – 5pm

Thursday to Sunday                       9am – 7pm

We have been heartened by the number of Members who have commented on the pleasant atmosphere that is evident around the club. Our focus is now firmly on the future and long-term future of the club. We all have our part to play, so please come along and support your club and get involved in the many social events we are planning this Summer.

Member's Reunion BBQ - 3rd July

Our Events Committee, made up of a team of willing volunteers are now busy planning for a Member's Reunion BBQ which is planned to take place soon after the current COVID restrictions are lifted. This will start around mid-afternoon and roll through into the evening. This will ensure we can entertain our children during the afternoon and then have a much relaxed atmosphere watching the sun go down and enjoy some musical entertainment, fun social atmosphere and great food and drink from TheMaltings@Digby's. More information will start to flow as the events team start to advertise and consolidate numbers to allow planning to commence in earnest. Please support our first social event of the year. We are planning many more and will keep you informed via the various media channels.

PPR/Booking Out

From Monday 12th April, PPRs for arriving and departing aircraft will be relaxed. Visitors will still have the ability to PPR in advance however, this will not be mandatory. We have now added a booking out button next to the PPR button on the website. This will allow Members to book out online rather than at the Flightdesk, although that option is still available too. Private aircraft owners will now be required to give the Flightdesk a call in advance to request your aircraft to be towed out of the hangar but please give a minimum of one hour’s notice for this. If you forget, please be patient, have a brew and the Ground Crew will do their best to get your aircraft out as soon as they can.

HI-Vis Jacket Policy

After a safety review and airfield risk assessment, it has been decided that all Staff, Instructors and Students must wear Hi-Vis vests when airside. In addition, all pilots and passengers must wear Hi-Vis vests when night flying. The Club highly recommend that members and visitors wear Hi-Vis vests at all times whilst airside, but this is not mandatory.

COVID Safety Update

Dr Stuart Chater and Dr Mark Bellamy have kindly offered to provide a working group to advise on the current pandemic. The working group's purpose is to provide estimates on the predicted path of the virus and the potential consequences for the club and to advise on recommended actions to minimise the risk to Staff, Members and visitors to the club, with the aim of minimising the risk of an outbreak at the club.

Our current policy is that Flow Testing for all employees is conducted twice per week. Temperature checks for all visitors to the Flightdesk. Pilots flying club aircraft are now required to sanitise aircraft prior to use, and santising wipes will be provided. We also have travel size bottles of sanitising gel available for a small charge at the Flightdesk. The club will provide PPE to all instructors, staff, and members.

It is strongly recommended that before flying with an instructor, that members undertake a lateral flow test.
Members attending the club should also consider taking a test on a regular basis. Lateral flow tests are now readily available from pharmacies and are free of charge. 

News on the SAC Flight Sim Group

The flight sim group are keen to get going again. They usually meet on the first Saturday of the month, however the first Saturday they can attend in line with current COVID restrictions is Saturday 3rd July. That coincides with the Member's BBQ day, which we think could work really well. Why not pop in and see what the Group get up to when they reopen on 3rd July? They will be keen to show you what they can do with the equipment they have available. If you're interested in joining, please contact Phil Pattinson at the club or phil.pattinson@sherburnaeroclub.com of via the WhatsApp Pilot Chat.

New Radio Group

Several members have come forward with a proposal to man the club’s radio during busy periods. This will reduce the burden on our desk staff, and we think it is a great idea. We will need to organise radio licences so if you wish to be part of this Group, please forward your details to Jim.Trueman@sherburnaeroclub.com

We wish you all a safe return to flying and we hope we can all get together more often socially. We have some great ideas to make better use of the Club House. Please welcome some of your friends to come along with you to experience what the new vibe at the club is all about.


SAC Board of Directors