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We are pleased to announce that from Monday 12th April the club will be open 7 days a week. Opening hours are:

Monday to Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday to Sunday 9am - 7pm

Opening hours will be reviewed and may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified to the Members in advance.

Outside these times please email:

A Message from the Company Secretary

Posted 01 Apr 2021

A Message from the Company Secretary

SAC Harassment & Bullying Policy - April 2021

A Message from the Company Secretary

Sherburn Aero Club Limited is committed to providing a working and social environment free from bullying and harassment. We aim to ensure that all staff, members and visitors are treated with dignity, respect and civility.

Every one of us has to act in a responsible manner and should be aware of ‘their own’ behaviour. The policy link below covers bullying or harassment whether within the confines of the club; or in the wider context of the club through social media and at all events or social functions including Fly-outs. This policy applies to all members, staff and visitors to the club and their interaction through social media.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the updated policy. We are an inclusive club for the benefit of all. To that end, it is vital that we all play our part. The club should be harmonious for members; staff and visitors alike.

The club and your appointed Directors take the aforementioned matter seriously. Any form of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. Your engagement with this policy and consideration is very much appreciated as we work towards re-opening.

We will continue to roll out updated club policies. These will be published and are downloadable through the Member'a Area/Member Downloads/SAC Policy Documents of the website.

As previously stated our mantra is to promote clarity; transparency and to reduce previous ambiguity through easily accessible, defined processes. More documents will follow in the coming weeks as we build the portfolio. In the meantime enjoy the Easter (albeit chilly) weekend!


Robert McLaughlin

Company Secretary