As well as being a flying club Sherburn Aero Club has a long history of flight training.  Whether you are completely new to flying and want to have a trial flying lesson, have done some training already and want to do your Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL), or maybe want to renew some of your flight training skills or qualifications, then Sherburn is the place to come.


Here at Sherburn Aero Club we are passionate about flight training and want each and every person who choses to train with us to have the very best experience possible and to achieve their flight training goals.  Being a flying club and a flight training school, as well as formal training with your instructor we have a wealth of knowledge and experience across our members to help you on your journey.  


If you learn how to fly and get your Private Pilot's Licence you may want to hire an aircraft from us, get a part share in an aircraft, or perhaps buy your own aircraft. We can help you with all this.


Please take a look around our website and you will find all the information you need about flight training, including details about fixed wing courses and ground school, how to buy an experience flight, our prices, and information about medicals, our flight training team, the restaurant and bar and much more.


If you can't find the information you are looking for then please contact us by calling the flight center or email

Flight Training School

We offer flight training in our own fleet of aeroplanes (fixed wing aircraft) and covers the Private Pilot and National Private Pilot Licence syllabus as well as additional ratings for the qualified pilot.


Flying an aircraft is an experience we believe everyone should have and are confident that you will be as passionate about flying as we are. 


We are also proud to share Sherburn Airifeld with Advanced Flight Training, providers of commercial pilot training and Hields Aviation, providers of helicopter training.

Whether you are looking to learn to fly, kick start your aviation career or would just like to experience the thrills of the skies, we have just experience flights for you.

You can get to take the controls of an aeroplane with the aid of an instructor or simply sit back and enjoy the views.  More of a thrill seeker?  Well, we can help you with that to with the experience of a lifetime performaing loops, rolls and other aerobatic manoeuvres in our aerobatic aircraft.

Why not buy someone you love a flight as a present, or treat yourself and take the first step in your training.

Aircraft Simulator Training

We are proud at Sherburn Aero Club to boast some of the best facilities in the UK for pilot training. One of our latest additions was our very own custom build flight simulator.

This is based on the trusty PA28 but the configuration can be changed for more complexed aircraft (retractable undercarriage, variable pitched prop etc).  Although the simulator cannot be counted towards your training hours, as a student or a qualified pilot you can get lots of hands-on practice, cockpit drills and IMC procedures from the simulator (for example, NBD holds) at a fraction of the cost of an actual aircraft. Read more for additional information and pictures.

Anyone wishing to train for a private pilot’s licence will need to obtain a medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner or in the case of the national private pilot's licence a medical declaration signed by your general practitioner.


The initial medical examination for the private pilots licence will last around an hour and involves a number of tests being carried out as well as a check of your medical history. On passing your medical, you are awarded with a certificate which is valid for a period of time, which varies with your age.


We have our own Aviation Medical Examiner based from our medical surgery at the club.

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